Website hosting, servers

To ensure that the projects we develop run smoothly and reliably, we offer hosting on our professional servers. These are business class HPE ProLiant DL360 service stations held at Tier III in a high-end data centre with its own dedicated internet line.


Difficult to decide or don't know where to start? Take the first step - contact us by phone (call or SMS / WhatsApp / Viber) +370 644 07000, by e-mail [email protected] or submit request. We will assess and propose the optimal option that best meets your needs and expectations.

Hosting simple (e.g. WordPress) representative websites

For low-resource, representative websites, we suggest hosting them on shared servers. You can choose the plan that suits you best.

Plan Linux WordPress
(increased power
WordPress hosting)

15 Eur / month
Hosting a representative website + email

+ SSL certificate
+ Up to 20GB
+ Initial configuration
+ Free upload of our ongoing project
Plan Linux WordPress Premium
(increased power
WordPress hosting)

25 Eur / month
Hosting a representative website + email

+ SSL certificate
+ Up to 20GB
+ Initial configuration
+ Free upload of our ongoing project
+ Backups (1/day + 1/self + 1/month)

+ Backup recovery and other work is done at an hourly rate on an actual basis ora free priority order when ordering maintenance/support
Prices excluding VAT. Paid per 12 months. Open-ended contract.

Virtual dedicated servers (Linux/Windows KVM) for high performance projects, online shops

Business-class HPE ProLiant DL360 equipment in modern Tier III in data centres (Bite / DLC). One of the best-developed international Internet connections in Lithuania with DDoS protection and KVM. 99.95% SLA.

The plan can be changed at any time as demand for resources increases. Hard disk capacity can be adjusted within a specific plan.

ServerPrice (without maintenance ECO) / month.

- An empty server with root access is provided. Excludes installation of the server operating system and required software, load optimisation, server software updates. All necessary server administration work is carried out at a rate of EUR 60/hour.
Price (with supervision PRO) / month.

+ Free initial setup - operating system, panel, services required for the project, load optimisation (with a minimum 12-month commitment).

+ Free ongoing server maintenance (software updates, load optimisation adjustments).

+ Backups of the entire VDS.

Restoration from backup, incident recovery, maintenance/support and updates to the e-shop kernel/plugins themselves are available on an hourly basis on an actual basis or free of charge on a priority basis when ordering maintenance
Plan VDS16

8 vCPU
160 GB HDD

Dedicated IP
30 Eur / month65 Eur / month
Plan VDS24

12 vCPU
240 GB HDD

Dedicated IP
60 Eur / month105 Eur / month
Plan VDS32

16 vCPU

Dedicated IP
105 Eur / month165 Eur / month
Plan VDS64

32 vCPU
640 GB HDD

Dedicated IP
280 Eur / month335 Eur / month
Prices excluding VAT. Paid per 6 months. Additional HDD 1GB - 0,3 Eur/month (subject to availability). Price does not include required licences (for Windows or paid Linux distributions).

Fully dedicated servers for exceptional projects

Fully dedicated servers are customised for individual needs. Such servers are needed for high-performance IT/Web projects. Example configurations are available. Your specific server is connected on a dedicated internet line, with two separate power supplies and all the other benefits of a Tier III data centre. HP ILO access. OS (Windows/Linux/BSD) on demand. Prices are unattended (empty servers provided, initial connection fee applies).

48 Core x2.7 GHz / 128GB RAM / From 1TB HDD RAID 5/6 (8 drives)From 350 Eur / month + maintenance
48 Core x2.7 GHz / 256GB RAM / From 2TB HDD RAID 5/6 (8 drives)From 450 Eur / month + maintenance
48 Core x2.7 GHz / 384GB RAM / From 3TB HDD RAID 5/6 (8 drives)From 550 Eur / month + maintenance
Prices excluding VAT. Fixed-term contract from 12 months.