Currently IT professionals are needed in the following areas:

  1. PHP Full Stack Developers
  2. WordPress website developers (no coding)
  3. WordPress WooCommerce / PrestaShop developers (no programming)
  4. Designers (logos, banners, web design with Figma)
  • Hourly rate depending on experience (10-50 eur/hour)
  • Work from home (live meetings 2-4 times/month)
  • Work within agreed scope 2-40 hrs. 2-40 hours/week.
  • For beginners, consultations with experienced colleagues are available

The minimum level for beginners is to be able to work/learn independently and to take notes (however slowly). If you are not sure - we can give you a sample.

Domina? Write to us by email [email protected]

Want to start learning? Materials:

  1. WordPress Creating a representative website for beginners:
  2. WordPress + WooCommerce e-commerce development for beginners:
  3. HTML + CSS landing page
  4. Sandbox:
  5. HTML + CSS + JavaSCRIPT responsive landing page