Website / shop maintenance

WordPress and WooCommerce maintenance

  • WordPress is a high quality and secure platform that continuously releases new updates to the core, themes and plugins that not only fix bugs, but also introduce improvements and close security vulnerabilities. With timely updates, you can be confident in the security of your website. However, updates are like medicines - while they often have positive results, they can sometimes cause unintended side effects. These side effects can take many forms, such as blank windows, lost content or slow page performance. Therefore, continuous monitoring and maintenance of the website is necessary to ensure that it functions reliably, is as secure as possible against hacking, and can be restored to working order immediately in the event of an incident.


Maintenance of a representative website / maintenance of an e-shop / maintenance of a custom system

WordPress - from €100 / month
WooCommerce - from €150 / month
PrestaShop- from € 175 / month
Individual systems - from €200 / month

  • - Free usage advice (support)
  • - Free email support / support
  • - Free speed monitoring (CMS side)
  • - Free updates to the kernel and supported plugins / supported modules / supported themes
  • - Free disaster recovery from your backup in order of priority (if you choose to host on our backup server)
  • - Response time from one week to 1 day (working hours 10-18)
  • - Support outside working hours
  • - Priority post-incident resolution of issues affected by unsupported plugins/modules/theme (hourly rate applies)
  • The exact price is based on needs.

Prices excluding VAT. Paid per 3 months. Open-ended contract.